In line with Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is projected to undergo significant population, economic, and industrial growth, over the next decade.  The energy sector is central to the country’s economic progress, overall prosperity and a cornerstone to self-sufficiency and sustainability.  Additionally, a key enabler of this growth is the power sector which is expected to generate significant need for highly skilled and specialized workforce in the power and energy sector.

The National Power Academy (NPA) aspires to play a pivotal role in achieving this vision.  Backed by the industry leaders, the academy is a unique and ambitious public-private initiative to provide specialized technical training programs, with the goal of creating qualified Saudi workforce equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to support the ever-growing national energy sector, in both public and private domains. The training modules have been designed and prepared in consultation with the regional industry experts, to ensure the skills developed are perfectly aligned with the industry demands and requirements; making it beneficial for both the students and the industry.​

Accordingly, a letter of Intention was signed in December 2014, and subsequently a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Founding Stakeholders in December 2015, endorsing the establishment of a world, industry-led National Power Academy.

Why NPA?

Whether you are a high school student or experienced professional, studying at the NPA will equip you with the right skill sets and expertise to pursue a successful career with the leading industrial companies in the power and energy sector.

The NPA offers many unique features such as:

  • Industry-led training model
  • New training programs for emerging trades such as Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Nuclear
  • World-class labs and real-life training facilities
  • Multidisciplinary training approach
  • Innovative teaching methodologies
  • Applied Research and Development

Vision & Mission



To be a world-class leader in technical training and education for the Kingdom’s power sector.



We will transform the technical training landscape by:

  • Being an industry-led training academy.
  • Offering internationally accredited and innovative training programs.
  • Producing highly skilled resources with a focus on the development of practical skills.

NPA Values



We have a passion for excellence in everything we do. We are not satisfied with the status quo and work tirelessly to deliver educational excellence that exceeds our customers’ expectations