SAUDI ARAMCO PROGRAM (Work Permit Receiver)


Course Overview:

A work permit is an essential part of a process that determines the hazards associated with a particular activity and the precautions to take so the job can be carried out safely.

When issued, work permits serve as official records of conditions and minimum safety precautions agreed upon by the issuer and receiver to control hazards associated with the work.

Work permit receiver candidates are required to successfully complete the following classroom courses as prerequisites before being allowed to take the receiver’s certification course.

الفئة المستهدفة:

Supervisor, Operations, Maintenance, Contractors, PTW receivers, Gas testing officer Standby Person, Fire Watches, All personnel who enter a confined space, perform Lock-out Tag-out, and involved in Work permit process.

WPR Pre-Requisite Certificate:

The National Power Academy (NPA), being an official approved WPR training & examination center by ARAMCO, offers a 4-day training program for WPR participants in order to gain a pre-requisite completion certificate.

Please note:

In order to acquire the official WPR certificate FINAL ASSESMENT will be conducted in SAUDI ARAMCO PREMESIS based on completion certificate issued by NPA.

Enabling Objectives:

Hazard Recognition and Control
  • This course will provide participants with the information needed to understand the potential hazards at workplace and the elements necessary to control those hazards.
Lock Out/Tag Out (L.O.T.O.)
  • This course will define minimum requirements for safely isolating energy sources associated.
  • with equipment and operating processes and project sites to ensure protection of personnel and assets during maintenance, inspection and testing of equipment.
Confined Space Entry
  • Confined spaces can be very dangerous places unless proper procedures are followed before and during entry. Working in confined spaces is an everyday occurrence in many occupations. When these spaces are properly identified and assessed, entry plans are in place and the plans are followed, work performed within a confined space can be completed safely and efficiently.